Websites Design Features

Dynamic Personalization

This powerful feature allows Web Fast & Go to offer a great user experience allowing the website to present information or different functions depending on the date, location, device, number of visits, etc., exponentially increasing the possibilities of converting visitors into customers.

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New functionality that makes possible that Web Fast & Go can compete on equal terms with the big CMS (content management systems) market players.

You can add items (posts) without limit, which can make a real difference to your site from the competition. Besides the great value added to the organic positioning (SEO) of the website.

Responsive Design

Web Fast & Go provides modern design elements adapted to different devices from which users access.

Web Fast & Go lets you compose web pages fully customized according to the device from which you access: desktop / laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The goal is to get the best possible user experience, encouraging the visitor to stay on the page and contact, process known as Conversion.

SEO Ready

The development environment of Web Fast & Go is fully optimized to promote search engine optimization (SEO):
  • Amigable para móviles
  • Título, Descripción, Metas
  • URLs personalizables
  • Alt de Imágenes
  • Robots.txt, Sitemaps
  • Redireccionamientos, etc.

Import Content

Web Fast & Go allows to transfer the content from an existing website or Facebook address to the new website so that it can be reused easily and quickly.

This feature greatly streamlines the process of creating a new multi-screen website or a mobile website for customers and companies that already have a website and wish to upgrade their Internet presence.

Design Elements

Let's mention a few that allow Web Fast & Go stand as a powerful tool for web design, very different from many partially-free tools that abound on the Internet:

Step by Step Design

At Web Fast & Go we follow a websites design methodology consistent with the technological architecture of our platform:
  • Choose a pre-design / template: YOU CAN ACCESS TO A DEMO OF EACH OF THEM
  • Optionally tweak general characteristics as colors, fonts, backgrounds, buttons, etc.
  • Define navigation menu
  • Define home page and the rest of pages
  • Add the content and particular design elements
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