Web Design Widgets


They are used in most professional websites in the world, regardless of technology. With Web Fast & Go they can be defined anywhere on the website, not just on the homepage.

Image gallery

This website does not need a gallery in its design for the time being. However, the gallery is a desired component used in many websites. As you can see below, Web Fast & Go incorporates a Gallery standard element in the design of our websites. It is responsive and clickable.


Necessary to physically locate a business. Integrated with Google.

View Google Map

Click-To-Call Button

This powerful feature leverages and understands the value of a website that is really ready to be exploited in smartphones.
It is demonstrated that smartphone users are more willing to contact a company because these devices favor a more compulsive behavior (e.g. Make purchases directly) than traditional computers and laptops.

The utility of Cick-to-Call is an indispensable fantastic functionality for smartphones. Web Fast & Go allows you to customize this functionality so that it appears only in smartphones, and will not appear on Desktop computers / laptops and tablets.

Custom HTML Code

Botón Pulse-para-llamar
Web Fast & Go is a simple and friendly tool to build attractive and modern websites. But you can also enter pieces of HTML code to play as custom features that are not available by default in Web Fast & Go. This possibility makes the chances of incorporating functions to a website almost limitless. Of course, you can also enter or accommodate the CSS style you prefer.

Examples of this functionality are:
Whatsapp Share button for the content of the web page. This function can be seen on the footer on mobile phones on this website.
Share buttons for social media, also on the footer, improving the same functionality available in Web Fast & Go.
Translation into any language, using Google Translator. The original function of Google is available, although you can enter other functions available on the Internet.

Other Elements for Design

The attached image shows some design elements available for easy insertion into your Web Fast & Go website.
Basic and advanced elements can be easily identified: social, business, conversion design.

Each design element has great customization capabilities that make our platform the perfect tool for professional websites development.

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