Websites Pre-Designs

Actually we have over 40 pre-designs or templates to develop websites multi-screens. Furthermore, creating new pre-designs can be very dynamic. Each newly developed website can be converted to a pre-design to form the basis of future websites.

Here we have attempted an initial classification by subject, although there is total flexibility as each pre-design is independent and can be valid for any business or activity.

Clicking on the pre-design leads to individual and functional demos that generically illustrate some of the possibilities of each template. The Web Fast & Go technology allows that the functionality of our websites may be unlimited within its simplicity, usability and friendliness.

For access from desktop or laptop, the demo is multi-screen, accessing to view the different screen sizes using the icons at the top of the page.



These pre-designs seem ideal for Consultancy, Advisory, Accounting, Technology, etc.


Pre-designs intended primarily for catering and restaurant business.

Online Store

Pre-designs prepared with e commerce functionality. In any case, any pre-design Web Fast & Go can incorporate ecommerce functionality.

Landing Page

The landing pages are simple pages in its composition, but visually stunning, focused solely on achieving converting visitors into customers. They are intended to serve as destination pages for specific advertising campaigns, eg. ads on Google Adwords.

The pre-designs shown below illustrate this functionality.


These pre-designs are very visual and can also serve to any business.


In this section we include pre-designs for different types of businesses or activities, very complete and visually appealing. Some may be more focused on a specific type of business than others, but we believe you can always find the ideal one for your multi-screen website.

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