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Why Web Fast & Go
Why do I need a website from Web Fast & Go?

Web Fast & Go offers a complete multi-screen solution that works well on desktops, tablets and mobile. Our websites provide customers with a great user experience, regardless of the device they are using.
Why Web Fast & Go is the best solution for business?
Web Fast & Go gives businesses a unique website solution that works across multiple screen sizes. There is no need to hassle with computer programming (although you can access it if you desire that). Web Fast & Go provides the benefits of a low cost responsive design. The benefits of Web Fast & Go include:
  • Very fast construction. 
  • One site, all devices. Websites from Fast & Go are automatically adjusted to the different versions of smartphones and tablets so that customers can find the information regardless of the device they are using. 
  • Powerful options: Web Fast & Go includes a complete collection of functions, from click-to-call buttons to restaurant menus. You just have to drag them to the web page and drop wherever you want to appear and change them easily to display what you want. 
  • Easy to manage: Web Fast & Go allows you to change almost all features of the website with an easy to use editor. Want to change a text? Click on it and start typing. 
  • Integrated hosting: we take care of website hosting. All solutions from Fast & Go include hosting.
Is Web Fast & Go only for companies?

No. Web Fast & Go was originally designed for small businesses, but it is flexible and powerful enough to accommodate different needs: personal pages, family, a club, a neighborhood association, a city or any other subject.
About Design
What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is a website that changes the way you present your content depending on the size of the device screen where you are viewing it. In the case of web pages that are not responsive, if you use mobile phones the content appears very small, forcing the user to resize and navigate horizontally with fingers, which is often perceived by users as an annoying experience.
The responsive sites commonly use media queries to ask the device size and type, and change the content depending on the response they get. They also tend to use images of variable size and elements of proportional measures to ensure that the content is presented well on any device.
What benefits does a responsive website offer?

The responsive web pages allow their creators to customize their content for each size of device, and therefore tailor the visitor's experience based on the device from which they are viewing the website.
Is the design of Web Fast & Go responsive?

Yes. Web Fast & Go uses responsive design techniques to present much of the same content in different ways based on the device that is used to view such content. It also allows to differentiate what content is displayed on which devices and how to display that content.
What is the advantage of Web Fast & Go compared with purely responsive design?

Web Fast & Go not only allows to change the way the content is displayed on each device, it also sends as little data as needed, and therefore smaller devices do not need not load (and then hide) content that is only to be displayed on larger screens. This results in improved performance.
Moreover, not only you can customize the content based on the device but also in some cases you can set different options based on the date or other variables to choose from.
What kind of pre-designs or templates does Web Fast & Go provide?

Web Fast & Go offers attractive templates with various modern styles, including Parallax effect. Our pre-designs are business-friendly and can be easily customized to suit your needs.
You can also directly import the content of an existing website into a Web Fast & Go template.
Is there need to design device by device with Web Fast & Go?

No. Web Fast & Go lets you build a single page that displays perfectly on desktops / laptops, tablets and mobile phones. You can choose to hide content for some devices, but the website will still work perfectly in multiple screen sizes.

Current Website and Import Content
Do you need to have a website currently?

No. Having a website allows you to automatically import the content into the new website from Web Fast & Go. Web Fast & Go is perfectly capable of building a website from scratch.
What about my current website for desktops?

Web Fast & Go access the website to find the current text, images and colors to take to the new multi-screen website. No changes to the existing pages are done, so there is no risk to try Web Fast & Go. When you are ready to implement your new website, you will need to connect your domain to Web Fast & Go for the implementation to be complete. The website will be fully hosted with Web Fast & Go, and therefore there is no need to continue paying for the previous hosting.
Where does Web Fast & Go pick the content from? Do I need a website?

No problem if you have no website. You can import your business information from your Facebook page, or just build a page from scratch using one of our pre-designs.
Does importing content work from all websites to Web Fast & Go?

Web Fast & Go works with most personal pages and small businesses. Shopping carts, user logins, and Flash or iframe elements can not be imported automatically. You can add flash elements to the Web Fast & Go website, but be aware that these elements will not work well on tablets and phones.
Are all websites compatible with Fast & Go in order to import content?

Although Web Fast & Go can collect content from most websites, there are certain types of content that can not be imported. Specifically, Web Fast & Go can not import content that:
  • It is written in Flash, Java, or similar external applets
  • Changes after the pages are loaded (in particular content collected through AJAX, Javascript or jQuery) 
  • Have protective mechanisms that prevent access by automated systems
Functional possibilities
Are Web Fast & Go websites ready for search engine optimization (SEO)?

Yes. There is possibility to easily customize, on the website in general and in each particular page, the different parameters that influence the positioning: Title, Description, URL, headers, images, etc.
Can I add banners to my site?

Yes, you can add AdSense and other third party products via HTML customizing.
What languages are supported by Web Fast & Go?

Web Fast & Go can build websites in any language including languages that read from right to left (like Arabic, Chinese or Hebrew).

Mobile web

Why the Web Fast & Go Mobile Website?
Do I need a Mobile Website?

Internet access using a mobile device is becoming more popular. Experts say that in 2015 mobile devices will be used to access the Internet more than browsers on a desktop or laptop.
The short answer is yes, in the world of today a site that does not offer a user-friendly mobile experience can only lose customers. Websites that are not optimized for mobile may be affected with poor search engine rankings. They require to press and enlarge the screen view with fingers which is annoying to do on small screens. Visitors who have poor mobile experience can easily leave the page and repeat their search going to a competitor.
Web Fast & Go offers an easy and inexpensive way to create an attractive mobile website for users.
What is the Web Fast & Go Mobile Website?

It is a version of the website optimized for viewing and operation on mobile devices. From the current address on the Internet, our technology scans the website and use its contents to build the mobile website.
It is easy to implement and its maintenance is based on a user interface easy to use with drag and drop functionality that does not require programming skills. You can also maintain the new mobile website synchronized with the desktop website, so that any changes to the desktop website are automatically reflected in the mobile web too.
Web Fast & Go offers a fast, simple, and inexpensive way to build a mobile website for visitors that use mobile devices, providing also a quick access to Click-to-Call buttons, mobile maps and more.
Are Mobile Websites displayed on iPads and tablets?

Web Fast & Go mobile websites will work on any modern smartphone. The following devices are equipped with modern browsers that support HTML, CSS and JavaScript: iPhones, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian.
Mobile websites are not displayed on tablets like iPad or Galaxy. These devices are larger than most smartphone screens and we believe that the Mobile Website in that case does not improve the user experience.

Import Content
How does Web Fast & Go build the Mobile Website?

Web Fast & Go analyzes the site identifying colors, logos, images, content and navigation. Then it looks for other services including, for example Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, OpenTable, etc. and it also includes that information into the Mobile Website.
After migration the mobile website can be optimized with our powerful drag and drop interface. You can add new content and features like Click-to-Call buttons, Multi-location or Restaurant Menus.
Is the Mobile Website technology from Web & Go Fast able to convert any website?

The Mobile Website from Web Fast & Go is designed primarily for small businesses. Our mobile websites work very well to show locations, menus, contact information, etc. We would like this to work for all sites, but there are some things we do not cover in our platform at present:
  • ECommerce shopping carts 
  • Logins, members areas, or any part of the website which is protected by password
  • Pages that use frames  
  • Flash pages (flash is no longer displayed on Apple or Android smartphones, but a page can be converted and then add the content with our functions)
  • Complex data base searches
  • JavaScript pages
  • Forms and captchas that are particularly complicated or large
Auto-Sync (Automatic Synchronization)
What is Auto-Sync?

Auto-Sync is part of the secret of the Mobile Website product from Web Fast & Go. When content is updated on the desktop version of the website, the Mobile Website collects that content and optimizes it for mobile devices. This means that a paragraph, text or an image added to the original website will be displayed on the mobile website as well. If you do not see these changes, simply refresh the page to view them on your mobile.
How does Auto-Sync work?

The same technology of the Mobile Website product from Web Fast & Go website that converts a desktop webpage into a mobile webpage, also keeps track of the URLs on the original page and checks frequently (every 2 hours by default) if changes have been made. When we detect changes, we collect the content and place it in its proper location within the Mobile Website.
What about the changes made in the Mobile Website from Web Fast & Go?

Changes that are made directly on the Web Mobile takes precedence over the events of Auto-Sync. This means that if an image is erased on the Mobile Website, it will remain deleted. If text is altered in a paragraph on the Mobile Website, this paragraph will not be affected anymore by Auto-Sync. Any changes manually as move, delete, modify or add content will prevent the operation of Auto-Sync. You can make style changes such as resizing text or images, change text color, backgrounds, add padding or margin, etc. but any structural change will imply the no operation of Auto-Sync.

Hosting and Domain

How does Hosting run?

All the Web Fast & Go products are solutions belongint to the SaaS kind (Software as a Service). Therefore, Web Fast & Go is in charge of the hosting of the multi-screen websites that are developed, and hosting is specified separately in our price.
How do you configure the Domain with Web Fast & Go?

The Web Fast & Go Products / web sites are unique websites for all devices with unique URLs or web addresses. There are 2 steps to for the domain to point to the new Web Fast & Go website:
  1. Create a new CNAME record for "www" (or whatever subdomain you choose)
  2. Create a domain redirection for users who forget to write "www"
Please contact us to give you specific instructions for your domain registrar. Web Fast & Go does not offer email and therefore there is no need to change or modify the email or MX records.
Do I need a domain name? ¿Does Web Fast & Go sell domains?

Web Fast & Go does not sell domains. Your Web page Fast & Go can use a custom subdomain of webfastandgo.com, e.g. http://example.webfastandgo.com.
But if you want to use a different domain name, there are many domain registrars where you can buy one. Some of the most popular are:
  • Bluehost 
  • Dreamhost 
  • Fatcow 
  • Godaddy 
  • Hostgator 
  • Hostmonster 
  • Intuit 
  • 1and1 
When the domain for the website Web Fast & Go is purchased, it is important to ensure that the domain registrar allows to configure a CNAME record to point to the Web Fast & Go website.
In any case we suggest that you ask us specifying your case.

Support and maintenance

Is there customer support at Web Fast & Go?

Yes. Send us an email to soporte@webfastandgo.com or call us at +34 653 18 67 70.
What kind of support includes the acquisition of a Web Fast & Go product?

This is a basic support including troubleshooting by email. Web Fast & Go is responsible for correcting any malfunction or error in its products result of the work responsibility of Web Fast & Go during the construction of the website.
Who maintains the product or website built with Web Fast & Go?

The customer or website owner will receive access credentials to manage your Web Fast & Go product once the construction is completed and after the commissioning. Web Fast & Go will provide detailed instructions to perform basic maintenance on page: add text, images, etc. Web Fast & Go offers a simple user interface that facilitates the process. Customer also can request detailed instructions via email on changes that they want and Web Fast & Go will reply as soon as possible.
If you want the service of Maintenance provided by Web Fast & Go, you may request a separate proposal for monthly maintenance or specific services for the website maintenance.

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