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The Online Stores from Web Fast & Go are fully adapted to mobile (responsive). The eCommerce tools enable to fully customize the layout of the store, its products and their characteristics and properties.

If you are interested in creating and launching your own online shop, Web Fast & Go makes it easy, although we need all the information possible about your organization, objectives and operation. If the online store requirements are not documented, we enable you to download a questionnaire that will facilitate this task. Please send the completed questionnaire or detailed requirements document to It will allow us to assess whether our solution covers all your requirements or not, and in that case we could recommend you another solution to build your online store.

eCommerce Questionnaire
At Web Fast & Go we will deliver your online store fully finished, ready to begin its real activity on the Internet.
Here we show a detailed list of characteristics and properties (in addition to the properties defined for the Web Fast & Go Multi-Screen Website product):
  • Fully Responsive: optimized operation and display on PC / laptop, tablet and mobile
  • Integrated design: with the rest of the website
  • Product Pages:fully customizable
  • Emails: all emails that are sent from the platform are fully customizable
  • Payment Options: Integrated with over 30 providers like PayPal,, Stripe ...
  • Maximum / Minimum purchase: You can customize these values ​​to disallow shopping for amounts outside the desired range
  • Configurable taxes
  • Coupons: Generation of coupons for particular products or global purchasing, to be used by customers when buying
  • Product categories: to facilitate navigation and understanding.
  • E-Goods: to offer digital content in addition to physical products. Ex. Download video, audio, images, documents, etc.
  • Stock Management: Shows the stock available to customers to create a sense of urgency to facilitate the purchase
  • Low stock alerts: by e-mail, when there is little stock of a particular product
  • Discounts: Show price with a discount to boost purchases
  • Complete management of transport: providers, options, rates as defined: flat rate, by weight, etc.
  • Possibility of analytical monitoring of sales by pay-per-click or display advertising campaigns.
Example of a Web Fast & Go Online Store:
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